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About John Lange

I’ve been a mortgage banker since April 1st, 1997. Perhaps it’s fitting that I started on April Fools Day, because my foray into mortgages was always supposed to be a temporary one. But here I am, over a decade later, still doing mortgages, still building my practice one satisfied client at a time. I like doing mortgages, because it gives me the opportunity to meet some really fine people, and to earn their trust with the largest financial decision most of them will face. I believe in treating my clients the way I’d like to be treated: with respect, compassion, integrity and professionalism. After more than a decade in the business, I can also add experience and knowledge to the mix.

I came to the mortgage industry after 14 years in international and corporate finance. I spent those years in New York and London, working for an assortment of investment and commercial banks. My friends thought I was crazy to leave the high-speed world of international finance to move to Boulder, but what they didn’t appreciate was that Boulder is a great place to live and raise kids. Plus, I wanted to write the next great American novel, and my thinking was that mortgages would allow me the flexibility to write and support myself. I haven’t sold that novel yet, perhaps because I’ve actually created a pretty busy workday with my day job. But I keep writing, mostly movies these days, and I really enjoy both my vocation and my avocation.

I grew up an Army brat, which instilled in me a love of exotic places and frequent travel. I’ve lived in foreign countries for eight years of my life, and have studied at two universities in Europe. I have a Masters Degree in International Management, and I earned a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1995. My undergraduate degree is in Geology from Williams College, which reflects my enduring fascination with the natural world around us. I’m an addicted remodeler and gardener, and I try to keep in shape with running, cycling and triathlons. I am the proud father of two great kids, my daughter, Marina, and my son, Jesse.