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Have questions about purchasing a home? Wondering how to prepare financially, how the appraisal process and loan application works… learn more.

Refinancing Your Home?

Ready to reduce your monthly payment or length of your loan? Or perhaps you want to draw a little equity from your home for some improvements… learn more.

Recent Industry Changes

More mortgage industry has been turned upside down over the past few years. Loan programs have changed or disappeared, appraisals work differently now… learn more.

Loan Programs

Wondering which loan program is right for you? How long do you plan to be in the home? Will it be your primary residence, or a rental or vacation property? Learn more.

Payment Calculator

Use this handy calculator to view your monthly payments, your amortization schedule, and your loan payoff amount across the lifetime of the loan… learn more.


A Premier exclusive! Look up critical lending details about condo and townhouse projects, including HOA contacts, owner occupancy and FHA approval expiration… learn more.

Glossary of Terms

The world of home financing has a vocabulary all of it’s own. Getting lost in the jargon? Check out this complete list of the words that will describe your loan… learn more

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Want to dig through these issues topic-by-topic? Here is the complete run-down… learn more.